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8 Things to Ask Your OBGYN - Canada Pharm

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8 Things to Ask Your OBGYN

Being pregnant can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. Unfortunately, with the joy can come anxiety and endless questions. You might be afraid to ask you OBGYN in Liberty NY certain questions, but it is important to remember that that is what they are there for. To get you started on the path to a successful pregnancy, below are some questions you should always ask your OBGYN.

  • What prescriptions or over-the-counter medications might affect my pregnancy? – Even basic medications and vitamins can affect your pregnancy. Be sure to discuss with your doctor any medications you currently take and what problems those medications and others might cause.
  • Should I do the genetic testing? – For most pregnancies genetic abnormalities are rare, but knowing the results can still give expecting parents peace of mind. Discuss with your doctor your risks, what the test entails, and what their recommendation would be.
  • Can I continue to exercise? – Many women believe that they are supposed to take it easy during pregnancy. While this is partially true, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay physically active and healthy. Discuss with your doctor what exercise is safe to perform throughout your pregnancy.
  • Can stress affect pregnancy? – Stress is never good for anyone, but during pregnancy, it can make things even worse. Let your doctor know any stressors in your life and what to watch out for to determine if the stress is too much.
  • Do I have to cut out all caffeine? – Caffeine is not particularly good for your body and can lead to some problems with pregnancy when overconsumed. Your doctor will let you know what research has shown and what amount of caffeine in your diet will be considered safe depending on your specific health situation.
  • What problems do I need to call for? – Different doctors may want you to call when you experience specific symptoms. While all doctors will want you to call for major issues such as abnormal bleeding, there may be other things based on your health and history that the doctor may want to know about.
  • How much weight should I gain and how will it affect my pregnancy? – The weight you should gain will depend on whether or not you are a healthy weight when you get pregnant and any health issues you may have. Your doctor can also discuss with you possible concerns that can come with gaining too little or too much weight.
  • Are there any food restrictions? – While healthy eating is always encouraged during pregnancy, there are some foods that are considered off-limits. These foods can lead to problems that can complicate your pregnancy. Your doctor will provide you with a list of foods to avoid.

When you visit your OBGYN in West Liberty NY prepare yourself by creating a list of questions you need to know to have a successful pregnancy. Remember, the more you know about what to expect during pregnancy, the more likely you are to have a happy and healthy one.

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