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Advancing Hip Replacement, and a Range of Orthopedic Techniques   - Canada Pharm

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Advancing Hip Replacement, and a Range of Orthopedic Techniques  

Did you know? Brooklyn offers orthopedic treatment that’s among the nation’s best. In every major surgical specialty, Maimonides Surgery Department offers the Brooklyn bone doctor with precisely the right expertise.

Leading the Way in Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

Maimonides has trained surgical experts in Anterior Hip Replacement. This special surgery technique results in an expedited healing process. It addresses some of the downsides of hip replacements: pain, medications, movement limitations, and muscle damage.

In Anterior Hip Replacement, the bone surgeon uses traditional implants. The key difference is the smaller incisions. This is only possible with highly specialized instruments.

The surgeon separates the muscles, working with the tissue rather than remove muscle from the bone. This technique is able to reduce the amount of scarring, and promptly return the person who undergoes it to normal activities. After having an Anterior Hip Replacement, a person may be able to walk with a physical therapist the same afternoon.

Another advantage to the technique is the way it allows more precise measurements of legs, making sure they match as surgery is completed. After surgery, there are no restrictions or warnings. Most people feel they do not need a cane or other walking aid after the first post-op visit to the bone doctor.

Knowing When a Hip Replacement Is Necessary

Your Brooklyn bone doctor at the Maimonides Surgery Department can speak with you about hip replacement options including Anterior Hip Replacement. There’s no reason to put off seeing your Brooklyn bone doctor. Today’s surgical techniques can quickly and smoothly return a spring to your step!

Is surgery may be the best route ahead? It may be, if:

  • You have been diagnosed with an arthritic hip condition;
  • You struggle to carry out normal activities because of a painful hip;
  • You have tried non-surgical treatments but still have pain;
  • You have had a hip reconstruction elsewhere, with an unsatisfying outcome.

For any condition warranting joint replacement, let Maimonides Surgery Department in Brooklyn help you put your best foot forward.

Advancing More Best Surgery Techniques

The Maimonides Bone and Joint Center has invested in an Instron Mechanical Testing Machine. This state-of-the-art technology helps bone experts test varied orthopedic conditions. Maimonides researchers are at the forefront of developments in surgery techniques. A research director oversees the work full time.

Through this work, Maimonides is advancing treatments for broken elbows and ankles. Maimonides experts are also developing advanced reconstruction techniques to help people who have had cancerous bones removed.

Send any questions you might have to our friendly staff. This is easy to do with our online form. Or call 718-283-7400 to be put in touch with your Brooklyn bone doctor.

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