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Become familiar with Your Learning Style to Maximize Your Caribbean Medical School Study Power

I recollect the unadulterated delight of acknowledging I could now seek after my fantasy of turning into a specialist, the acknowledgment telephone call I got from the senior member of confirmations pursued by the fervor of telling my loved ones. Be that as it may, as my medical school begins date crawled towards me, restless musings began to whirl in my psyche.

How might I conceivably gain proficiency with the sheer volume of material that I would before long face? I made this inquiry to a couple of individuals on the meeting trail, and still review what one astute, grizzled fourth year imparted to me, “Caribbean Medical School isn’t any harder than the courses you took in school. In truth from numerous points of view, the material is simpler – material science, natural science, and on – you won’t experience any subject near that troublesome in class. The hardest part is volume. It truly feels now and then like ‘drinking from a flame hose.”

In pre-clinical, and now in my third year, I’ve unquestionably observed this to be valid. Each bit of clinical learning in therapeutic school can feel like a bit of paper attempting to overwhelm on a breezy day. You may endeavor to hold it down with your foot or put a stone down to keep it set up, and when you are truly shaking a pre-clinical class, it’s occasionally simple to feel fruitful at acing every one of the pages of material. Be that as it may, Step 1 can feel like a tornado, in which there are such a large number of bits of paper it is overpowering, and there are never enough stones to fend off them from blowing.

Remember the steps am suggesting you here, to pass out your medical course with flying colors:

  • Taking a Learning Assessment
  • Visual Learning


  • Auditory Learning


  • Read-Write


  • Kinesthetic

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