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Information Regarding Intensive Outpatient Program - Canada Pharm

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Information Regarding Intensive Outpatient Program

Many of you must be having plenty of questions in your mind about various intensive outpatient programs and in this small post, we have tried to address most of the questions by providing a very brief and concise answer to them.


  • What exactly the intensive outpatient program is?


Those patients who are in the initial stage of addiction and do not need any special detoxification may undergo this program.


  • What kinds of therapies are provided while participating in such program?


Depending upon your condition, which will be assessed by the medical team the kind of therapies, will be decided by them.


  • What about Declining Intensity Program?


In case, a patient prefers to step away from the support provided by this treatment then the doctors will be available to assist you.


  • Does this program also include detoxification?


During your initial stage, it will be decided whether you need any intensive detox program or your treatment can proceed without any major detox program.


  • What are the differences between in-patient and out-patient treatments?


As an in-patient you will have to take admission in the rehab center and medical staff will regularly monitor your condition. While in Tucson outpatient rehab program you may continue with your treatment from your home too.


  • Who is eligible to get intensive outpatient program?


Your eligibility for this program will be decided by the doctors during the initial assessment.


  • Shall I have to go through 12-step meetings?


The 12-step approach is very effective, which is essential for any successful recovery. Most of this client treatment plans may include participation in any 12-step meetings.


  • Is this treatment based on any faith?


This treatment is totally based on scientific research only.


  • How long the treatment continues?


Normally it continues for 8 weeks however based on the responses it can be extended too.


  • Are close family members allowed during the sessions?




  • Any assessment required before admission?




  • Is the assessment free?


It will be told to you during your first interaction.


  • What information is collected during assessment?


Assessment is done with the help of various questions and few clinical tests too.

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