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IVF Procedure: The Four-Step Procedure to Getting Pregnant

You want to get pregnant, but you are unable to. You should try for vitro fertilization (IVF). Many women who weren’t successful in getting pregnant naturally, got success with IVF. In four steps you are going to get pregnant. Let’s learn about the four steps:

  • #1 Step

A fertility specialist will monitor your ovaries and follow the timing of the release of your egg before and while the process of vitro fertilization is taking place. The specialist will make sure that eggs are produced from your ovaries and you have normal hormone level. A lot of women are asked to take fertility medications or hormones to stimulate the ovaries to produce at least one or more eggs at this step. The more eggs you have, the IVF will have increased chances of getting you pregnant. If your ovaries don’t produce eggs, you should talk to your doctor about donor eggs.

  • #2 Step

In this step in the IV process, for reducing any discomfort, pain medications are given. In the upper vaginal wall, a thin needle is passed. Then using ultrasound in the vagina, under gentle suction fluids are removed from the follicles. As soon as the follicle aspiration is over, from the follicular fluid the egg (oocyte) is isolated. In the culture dish of nutrient media, the egg is placed and then transferred to the incubator.

  • #3 Step

Fertilization of the egg is done in this step. Sperm from your partner or a donor is secured, and the sperm that is most active is then mixed with an egg in a special chamber. At times, the egg is injected by the sperm after that sperm, and the egg is placed in an incubator and monitored so that the embryo developed is healthy.

  • #4 Step

This is the step when the embryo is transferred. The healthiest embryo is selected, and with a speculum placed on the vagina, the embryo is transferred using a small tube of plastic placed via cervix to the uterine cavity. Bed rest is then advised for the next 24 hours.

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