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Lifestyle Changes That Will Help Improve Your Abdominal Pain - Canada Pharm

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Lifestyle Changes That Will Help Improve Your Abdominal Pain

Living life while dealing with the struggle of chronic abdominal pain is very stressful and also demotivating. There are times where the pain becomes too severe that you become incapacitated for the day, losing all chance of a productive life. Most people who experience pain in the stomach area on a daily basis tend to reach for medication as a quick way to relieve their discomfort. 

Although medication can work, there is a healthier and more sustainable way to improve your gut. These are some easy and very achievable lifestyle changes you should make to help decrease the instances of stomach issues: 

Find Time To De-Stress

As odd as it may sound, living a stressful life has a negative impact on your digestive system. People tend to feel uneasy when stressed because the anxiety and the worrying upset the stomach’s ability to digest properly. The imbalance causes gas, bloating, slower digestion rates, abdominal pain, and constipation or diarrhea, depending on the person. 

Living a stressful life can even lead to ulcers and IBS or irritable bowel syndrome which is no way to live a life. Take a break from your busy life and find time to de-stress. Your brain, body, and entire digestive system will thank you for the vacation days. 

Quit Smoking

Many utter “I will quit smoking” as part of their New Year’s resolutions but as months pass by, this promise will probably be forgotten. Aside from affecting your lungs, cigarettes may also lead to the weakening of the gullet or the muscle that is in charge of controlling the lower part of the esophagus and allow stomach acid to travel up to the esophagus. 

Smoking can lead to acid reflux and heartburn problem, so quit while you’re ahead. Just think of a life free from pain in your abdomen and throat. 

Eat Healthier

We have all heard our doctors that we should make an effort to eat healthier. The main reason for a healthy diet is usually to lose excess weight or to prevent cardiovascular issues. However, your diet can also affect your gut’s health. Eating a well-balanced diet helps your gut stay healthy to digest the food you eat properly. With a flourishing gut biome, stomach problems like constipation and chronic stomach pain will be far and few in between. 

Other tips to help your stomach stay healthy are: eating slowly and chewing your food properly and avoid big meals at least two hours before bedtime. Making these small changes in your eating habits will help you avoid stomach aches and other digestion problems as you grow older. 

Cut Back On Sugar

Another tip to keeping your digestive system healthy is to cut back on the consumption of sugar and processed foods in general. Eating too many sugary snacks will disrupt your gut’s normal function which leads to pain in the abdomen and other health-related issues. 

The next time you’re looking to munch on potato chips or a bar of chocolate, reach for an apple or some carrot sticks instead.

 In addressing abdominal pain doctors may require medicine while others may just recommend some lifestyle changes. Visit our website to learn more.

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