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 Physical Therapy: The Best Treatment for Seniors - Canada Pharm

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 Physical Therapy: The Best Treatment for Seniors

There is only one treatment that needs no drugs, and works on Parkinson’s, pain due to cancer, arthritis, incontinence, and improves strength, and that treatment is Physical Therapy Philadelphia. A person when has a prolonged illness or gets injured doctors recommends physical therapy. When the person is an aged person, physical therapy is a-quality therapy for so many conditions, like urinary incontinence to Alzheimer’s.

Physical therapy can increase strength or restore strength. It can increase your range of motion. It can make you more flexible. It can increase your coordination. It can also reduce pain. And not only that, it retrains a person to do everyday tasks.

Conditions that can be helped by Physical Therapy

Many conditions can be reversed or can be helped with using physical therapy for older people.

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For example, arthritis. Anyone who reaches 65 years of age has arthritis in their spine, but everyone isn’t symptomatic. One can take pills, and with taking pills, they can help with therapies, such as electrical stimulation, aquatic packs, hot packs, ice to reduce swelling and many other therapies.

Another old age disease is osteoporosis. Osteoporosis can make one fall and injure their bones. So, physical therapy helps them to stay stable with gravity. Extension exercises can make posture erect. One can also use weight-bearing exercise in the early life as prevention to osteoporosis.

In cancers, people suffer from unbearable pains. Using physical therapy one can eliminate some pain. After someone had a mastectomy, one can improve range of motion and reduce swelling with correct physical therapies. Based on clinical judgment, a physical therapist has to determine the correct exercises and the amount one should exercise.

Incontinence is one of the most favorite condition in older age. There’re exercises which can make the muscles to control and operate on it. Also, social timing can be adjusted by knowing the time of drinking water and then after how much time they can go to the bathroom. So, a physical therapist helps to make plans for the restroom.

Let’s know about some more conditions

There are proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation exercises in physical therapy. Through these movements, one can retrain and stimulate their brain. This comes in effect after a person has suffered a stroke. The retain and stimulation exercises try to bring them back to their normal condition.

Parkinson’s is another. If a person having Parkinson’s can go to a physical therapist before Stage 4, then physical therapies can prevent that person from the severity of stage 4. A patient’s trunk is kept flexible so that the robotic movements can be avoided. Parkinson’s is a nervous system disease and is chronic; it can result in loss of control on muscle. Involuntarily their muscles start shaking. The person is laid on the floor, and their trunk and head are moved in the opposite directions. In some cases, patients are made to sit on a horse, and that helps to increase the flexibility and strength of their trunk.

Balance is a big issue in older people. But physical therapies can help. For maintaining balance, one needs proper, oxygenation of blood, nutrition, joint receptors, vision, inner ear, and muscle strength. Physical therapy can help in all those areas and improve balance.

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