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These three methods will help you clean your body from drugs

Many want to eliminate marijuana out of their body and make it clean due to certain reasons, and drug test on the job or for the job is one of the most common reason. Might be you are on medical cannabis. Still, the companies won’t allow you in your dream job if you don’t come through the drug test clean. So, let’s see how to take off marijuana from your body quickly.

This test is usually taking your urine sample and running a test on it which will let them know about the metabolite concentration. After the consumption of marijuana, metabolite tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) level increases. It remains in the fatty tissues of one’s body and the time period are different for a different person depending on a lot of factors.

The process the body is cleansed from drugs is called as detoxification. It can take a few days to many weeks, but if you have an urgent interview, it is best to drink detox drinks to eliminate the metabolites quickly.

Many people wonder how to detoxify their body after they have used marijuana. Here are three methods that will help you get rid of your body’s marijuana.

1- Taking Creatine.

In some stores where food supplements available you can get creatine without prescription. The process of toxin elimination will get accelerated by its use. The big the person is, the more dose that person will require as well as on the frequency of his/her smoking. The recommended dose is 100 mg per day and should start taking it two to three days before detoxification or drug test.

2- Drinking Lots of Water

Your body will need to be hydrated to eliminate toxins. Make sure you drink plenty of water, as this will speed up urination and help eliminate toxins from the body. The recommended is a litre of water throughout the day for a week.

3- Drinking Cranberry Juice.

Blueberries eliminate excess water and sodium. It also called as a natural diuretic. The recommendation is drinking two large glasses per day of cranberry juice.

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