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What is hypnosis and what are the facts that you must know? - Canada Pharm

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What is hypnosis and what are the facts that you must know?

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, self or hetero-induced, in which both psychological and physiological changes are appreciated. This middle or de-conscient point is the great way to talk or influence voluntarily, at least tries, in the unconscious.

There have been many films that have illustrated this type of situation and many also the doubts and prejudices that we have about it. But what do you really know about hypnosis online terapi? Do you know that it can help you to get rid of addictions like tobacco and also be your ally when it comes to losing weight or relieving stress?

What is it exactly?

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation, between sleep and wakefulness, used as a therapy. In these moments, the person hypnotized is totally relaxed, disconnected from the outside. As a rule, it is used in psychiatry to access the unconscious more easily, to understand the blockages and to bring to light certain problems linked to childhood. Hypnosis would be like an amplifier and an accelerator of a therapy.

What kinds of hypnosis are there?

Within the hypnosis itself you find two very clear variants. On the one hand, Freudian hypnosis that would represent what you are accustomed to seeing in movies, series and television programs and, on the other hand, Ericksonian hypnosis.

The Freudian hypnosis is based on suggestion. The patient follows verbal instructions, Visual and corporal. This technique is based on the idea that if a patient is suggested to be cured, he can achieve it. This method can be effective sometimes, but it is limited.

The Ericksonian hypnosis is not suggestive but requesting participation by the patient. A hypnosis session is carried out in the form of a simple conversation in which the patient is in a state of deep relaxation and accesses his unconscious little by little, freely. The therapist keeps the conversation using metaphors and symbols and progressively leads the patient to find for himself the solution to his problems. This school of hypnosis is respectful of the patient’s values ​​and is much more effective than the previous one.

However, it is advised you to report well before submitting to a hypnosis process, as it is not framed within any legislation. You do not have to worry about the risks involved in this type of treatment, because the brain has its own safety methods that prevent you from acting against your values.

Who is hypnosis for?

It is used increasingly in psychotherapy and, although the mechanisms of action are unknown, hypnosis is an apparently effective tool to get rid of numerous problems. The indications are mainly psychological and psychosomatic – stop smoking, weight loss, anxiety, stress, enuresis, insomnia, trauma, obsessive-compulsive disorders, shyness or personal development. You can get the maximum benefit of hypnosis in Hypnos Stockholm. If you want to achieve your goal – what are you waiting for?

Children and students who lack self-confidence before an exam can also benefit from them. Hypnosis can also be used in brief psychotherapy.

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